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Aaron is a creative mind determined not get cornered into just one style or medium. He... He... He? Ok, confession time, it's me. I'm writing my own bio here. I read somewhere forever ago that your bio was supposed to be in third person for some reason. But that feels weird... soooo I'm not going to do that anymore.


Who am I? Well, I have really only a few constants that drive the rest of what I do:

I'm a family man.

I embrace creativity.

I love exploring the world around me.

I happen to be a little trigger happy with my camera, and really enjoy flipping it into video mode. Honestly though I would say I'm trying to make it my profession. Sure I pick up side jobs here and there but more than anything it's really just an outlet for me. A way to share my experiences and perspective on things. 

Me... Me... Me... Hmmm? What else might someone reading this might want to know about me?

1. Can I hire you?

Yes & No. I'm not trying to become a traveling photographer or anything like the rest of the world on Instagram. I'm busy building the business that allows me to travel and be with my family in the exact way I always wanted. If you're curious about what I do for a living click here (you WILL be surprised... and maybe let down, it's not very exciting but it does treat our family pretty well). Despite staying plenty busy I do enjoy being involved in cool creative projects from time to time. So that allows me to be interested but not desperate to work on new photo/video projects. I like the work, love collaboration, but these days I get to be picky and I'm grateful for that. Honestly not making it about money and building a career has been the best way for me to make sure the focus stays about the art and nothing else. So YES you can hire me, but I only work on projects and for company's that I actually believe in. So If you think what you got going on is pretty cool then hit me up, I'd love to chat. email

2. Are you single?

I doubt very much anyone is actually asking themselves this I just wanted a reason to brag about my wife for a second. Mallory is very easily the best thing that's ever happened to me. I look up to her in so many ways and I honestly never imagined raising a family with a partner this rad! She's a business owner of her own and I think a great example of how a determined strong woman really can have it "all" in this world. So between my biz and hers we stay pretty busy...

... oh yeah, then there is our other blog ExploreWA. This is where we like to help friends and families in WA find super cool spots to go explore and make memories of there own at memorable destinations all over Washington State. It's a fun project to work together on, and gets our family into all sorts of fun adventure.  So to circle all the way back around... no I'm not single. Not at all ;)

3. How do you do it all? (sarcasm)

Ha Ha I'm laughing at my own questions now. The truth is while we do stay pretty busy, none of it seems "hard". Mal and I have built our life together around our passions, talents, and priorities. We feel that as long as we're utilizing our gifts, prioritizing our family always, and trying to help others along the way, then this big old thing called life can be pretty fun. Not all prefect, but good, worth it.

If you're still reading this, first of all I'm impressed. Hit me up sometime, I'm always looking for new photographer friends, hiking buddies, and fun side projects. If you don't follow me on instagram thats a pretty good place to keep up with my life. It's more or less the picture book of my life. 

If those 3 questions weren't exactly what you wanted to know about me feel free to shoot me an email and we can go from there.


Thanks for reading!



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